Over the last decade, organic food has left behind its “hippie roots” and moved into view of the mainstream dining market. Organic food has even gone “Hollywood”, such as Wolfgang Puck’s organic menus for The Academy Awards. As Hollywood went green, the public soon started following suit.

However, long before it went Hollywood, Festive Foods was catering to the green evolution– purchasing locally grown produce and partnering with sustainable farms.


“Virginia Green” is a partnership between The Virginia Tourism Corporation and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. Virginia Green Certification is awarded to hospitality and tourism-related companies who take progressive and substantial voluntary actions to create positive impacts on the environment through better business practices.

As a full-service catering and event planning company, our Team is passionate about the concept and promotion of sustainability. We live locally, work locally and we take pride in supporting local agriculture. We purchase the finest local, organic, farm direct and artisan products whenever possible. We care deeply about the sustainability of local agriculture, local businesses and the world, as a whole.

While our focus is creating exceptional events, we recognize the foundation of every great event is a memorable dining experience. Our Chefs look to create sensational food, without compromising our commitment to the environment. We take our roles as “stewards” of the planet we inhabit very seriously. We strive to make a difference each day, and encourage our employees and our clients to make the same commitment to tread gently on our Earth.

In our continuing quest to be good corporate and private citizens and reduce the carbon footprints created by our company and the events we orchestrate, whenever possible, Festive Foods':

• Prepares dishes with locally grown/sourced and/or organic ingredients.
• Provides products that are certified as “fair-trade” and organic (coffees).
• Supports locally-owned businesses
• Partners with other “Green” businesses, whenever possible
• Donates unused foods and meeting/event supplies to shelters and facilities in need
• Uses renewable energy and/or energy efficient appliances
• Provides reusable platters, tableware and/or serving dishes
• Uses an approved biodegradable alternative that will be composted, if reusable dishware isn’t available.
• Uses 100% "Green" Cleaning System
• Recycles all paper, plastics, metal and glass.
• Collects food waste for composting

By going greener, we are working to reduce not only our own environmental footprint, but also that of the events we produce for our clients. We hope to dispel the myth that going greener means compromising the look and feel of your event, or spending "extra" money your budget doesn't allow.

If you would like our advice on how to make your next event greener, while still exceeding the expectations of guests in attendance, just ask. Let us be your green guides….after all…..going green can be contagious! Contact us Toll Free @ 888 230 4440 or  via email at [email protected] for advice from our GREEN TEAM.