Since 1987, Festive Foods Catering & Special Events has grown strictly based on the quality of our work. As a 100% referral based Catering and Event Planning Team, it is the love letters we receive from our happy clients that make us most proud.  For a sweet sampling of praise from our clients, see below:

Sampling of Our Corporate Clients:

The American Bar Association
The American Red Cross
Associated Press
The Catholic University of America
The Council on Foreign Relations
Conoco Phillips
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Discovery Communications
Georgetown University
Gonzaga College High School
National Association of Home Builders
National Institutes of Health
Smithsonian Institution
The University of Maryland
The Univerity of Virginia
The Supreme Court of the United States
Wolf Trap Foundation

 quotesHi Lauren:

Can't believe it's been 4 days already - seems like yesterday. We also spoke with Meryl at the beach and actually saw her in her house in DC today - back already from the beach. She is every bit as happy as we are about the wedding and how beautiful it was.

We've talked about every aspect of the wedding and can't find a single thing that didn't meet or exceed our (already high) expectations. In my mind, everything was perfect - starting with the weather - thanks for making that happen -- and moving to the ceremony with Rabbi Cahan, the hors d'vors, the drinks, the food, the music, the flowers (they were fantastic)!! I probably had too many shots of scotch but hey we had a wonderful ride back to the hotel so that was great.

You and the staff from Festive along with Khoa were absolutely fantastic and professional in every way. As you know, I'm in the business of measuring customer satisfaction and I can tell you that you can count us among your most satisfied customers. We will gladly recommend you to our friends and come back when we have another occasion such as this to celebrate (hope our daughter Rachel is listening).

We're getting all kinds of pictures and everything looks as beautiful as we dreamt it was.

The only thing that wasn't done perfectly was that I should have taken this week off from work as it has been too much trying to do normal activities when all the adrenelin has rushed out. Oh well, something to keep in mind next time.

Now we've got to finish the plans for the reception in New York. OMG it's only 10 days away! Better get back to work.

Thanks so much,


(Note from “FOB”, May 22, 2011, Wedding at Woodend Mansion, Chevy Chase, MD)




quotesHi Eduardo!!

We just got back from the honeymoon last night! All week I have been wanting to email you but we did not have service in St. Lucia. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU so much for the most perfect wedding reception. You and your team were amazing. I can't even tell you how many people have complimented the food and service and everything about the reception. Mark and I consider ourselves very lucky to have been able to have you run our reception. You are top notch! Hope all is well and you are staying cool (it's hotter here than it was in the Caribbean!)


Meghan (and Mark)

May 21, 2011, Wedding at St. Francis Hall, Washington, DC




quotesHi Lauren,

Last night was wonderful. We had a great time! Thank you for everything! The event's success we wholly attribute to you and your amazing staff. Truly, all of your staff was so efficient, friendly, professional, and accommodating.

Many thanks,
Anissa and Joe
May 14, 2011, Wedding at Delaplane Cellars, Delaplane, Virginia




quotesI’m very glad you emailed me because I have been thinking about all you did for us this past weekend. The food was terrific. You did a fabulous job for us, and we are very pleased with the way everything turned out. We are exhausted, as you probably are, too, but I really had a wonderful time.

I called Kristin on Monday and told her that, when she gets married, I will be delighted to have another wedding! I had told her before the wedding to just elope!

Thanks again.

Linda L. Griggs
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

(Note from “MOB”, April 30, 2011, Wedding at Woodend Mansion, Chevy Chase, Maryland)




quotesEduardo -

Thanks so much for EVERYTHING. The food was great, the service was great and, as important, you removed any anxiety we might have had leading up to this event since it was obvious to both of us you were on top of everything.

We had a great time and so did our guests.

Thanks again.


Bob and Chantal

April 23, 2011, Wedding at Oxon Hill Manor, Oxon Hill, Maryland




quotesHi Eduardo,

I would like to thank you one last time for the exquisite work you did at our wedding. You exceeded our expectations and contributed a great deal to making our wedding the best day of our lives.

We would like to send you the gratuity for the staff but aren't quite sure how to figure it out. Should we send you one lump sum or provide individual gratuity for each staff member? Do you have a recommendation or is there a standard practice that we could use to figure out how much to provide? If you recommend we tip per person, could you provide a list of how many people were there and what they did?

April 16, 2011, Wedding at Woodend Mansion, Chevy Chase, Maryland




quotesDear Lauren,

I never had an opportunity to thank you personally on my wedding day for all of your help. You made the planning such a pleasure for Jason and me. Everything was lovely and all my guests were very pleased with the food. The day was a near perfect execution of all the months of planning, besides wishing for warmer and drier conditions!

Jason and I would like to close the loop with you on the finances. Are we all paid up (we were charged 3 installments) or should we expect a final invoice?

Once again, thank you for everything.


April 9, 2011, Wedding at Woodend Mansion, Chevy Chase, Maryland




quotesHi Lauren,
We just got back and we had a terrific time! Super relaxing and the perfect ending to our amazing wedding!

I can't thank you enough for everything that you did and were for the planning process and wedding. We were thrilled with how the whole wedding went (as well as the year of planning before that!) and we got really positive feedback from guests about how delicious the food was and how great the service was. As the bride I felt very well taken care of and pampered and appreciated everything. And I especially loved the cake!! It was a perfect surprise.

I could go on and on----mostly I appreciated how responsive and attentive you were and how hard you worked to make the day exactly what we wanted.

I am hopeful we will have the professional pictures soon so I will share some with you!

Thank you again-and I hear you are meeting with my friends Scott and Bonnie on Tuesday, I hope they too have a chance to work with you.

Take care!

March 26, 2011, Wedding at The Ballroom, Bethesda, Maryland)



All of you made us feel quite special, as usual!!!! The atmosphere was warm, festive, gay, and the food delicious. Your careful planning was an enormous help; all seemed to go very smoothly with the exception of the crisis in bustling up the train! We have heard very nice things from our friends. A bit of the glow still remains, wonderful memories, but I am really, really glad this is the last wedding! They looked very happy through the evening. Meg's ability to carry all her questions to you helped tremendously.

And the wedding cake…………….WOW!!! It was beautiful, and your idea of the tiny gold trim was simply perfect.

Thank you, again!
Maureen & Nino

(October 9, 2010, Wedding at The Supreme Court, Washington, DC)



quotesDear Eduardo and Lauren,

It could not have been more perfect! Our hearts are full of joy, happiness reigns in the Klaffky family, and so much of it is due to your wondrous talents. Festive Foods - and you two in particular - gave us an evening that combined warmth and elegance - not to mention fabulous food. We can never thank you enough.

Also - I know one of your waiters had a fall. I hope she is all right! Please reassure her that no one blames her for the mishap. It just gave us another story to tell about the celebration.

With gratitude and admiration,
(November 6, 2010, Whitmore House, WNDC, Washington, DC)




quotesHi Eduardo,

I will be writing a proper note soon, but before any more time passed, I wanted to say thank you for everything. Your team was attentive and efficient, The food was fantastic (we just finished savoring my favorite, the pumpkin ravioli), the room looked beautiful and everything went off without a hitch (at least I did not notice any). Everyone was happy. People loved the family style approach, I'd recommend it to others. You personally were fantastic and I felt assured by your presence.

Anyway, more is coming, but in the meantime, know you are in my gratitude!

Cheers, Cassandra

(November 13, 2010, Briar Patch Inn, Middleburg, Virginia)




quotesThanks so much Lauren - we had an amazing time! And thank you for your wonderful work on our wedding. We received a lot of great comments about the food and service, and you helped make our day smooth and problem-free. Some people told us it was the best food they've ever had at a wedding, but I'm sure you get that a lot.

You seriously helped make our day seamless and perfect. Forever grateful :)Thank you so much!

Jason & Elena Waskey

(September 24, 2010, Wedding at Woodend Mansion, Chevy Chase, Maryland)




Hi! We just returned from our honeymoon in Italy! I just wanted to send a note to thank you and your team SO much for everything on July 10th. It was absolutely fantastic, and exactly what we had wanted! The bartenders were perfect, the food was delicious, and your service was impeccable. You truly made the event a great evening. I will recommend Festive Foods, and you in particular, to any future brides or for any event needs in the future - I really hope we can work together again. I will certainly send you photos when I receive them in the next few weeks for your use! Again, all the time we spent was definitely worth it, and you helped make a night that Billy & I will never forget!

All our best,
(July 10, 2010, Wedding & Reception at The National Cathedral, Washington, DC)




quotesHi Eduardo,

We had a wonderful time, and an amazing wedding! Thank you so much for everything. You made our night perfect! I will be sending a letter to you and your staff because you were truly amazing. Thank you!!


(June 26, 2010, Torpedo Factory Arts Center, Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia)




quotesThere are not enough words of effusive praise. Everyone raved about both events, especially three things: the food, how attentive the staff was, and how seamless everything was. You and your team get credit for all of that (especially whoever got put on champagne duty for me - he took good care of me all night!) Thank you so much, Lauren, this was even better than I had hoped it would be. (and, I got to have amaretto cookies for breakfast - Divine!)

One quick housekeeping note - my cousin had given us a silver cake server, which I had given to someone to give to you so it could be used last night. I completely lost track of it after that, so if you know where it wound up, just let us know.

Thanks again. We will be in touch after we get back.

(June 5, 2010 Wedding & Reception, Private Estate, Highland Maryland)




quotesTime for a quick note... The event was everything we imagined and you and your staff were FANTASTIC. We will have plenty more to add upon our return. We are in frantic packing mode right now. Mostly ready but taking care of the last few thing.

Thank you for everything. It was better than we imagined. We actually got to ATTEND our own wedding.

Thank you, thank you.

(June 5, 2010 Wedding & Reception, Private Estate, Highland Maryland)